Our catering is provided by our partners Limeberry Catering, Milsom Catering, Premier Crew & Relish with all companies boasting an exceptional reputation for the quality of their cuisine and excellence of service.

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Exquisite catering

All of our catering partners have been chosen for their high level of expertise and consistency in presentation and delivery. They can provide exquisite catering to suit your taste and the unique style of your wedding.

The dedicated chefs and catering teams, with support from our front of house team, are entirely focused on detail, quality, consistency and timing when planning your wedding.

Unique menus

Using the best seasonal ingredients available and under the leadership and guidance of the executive chef, our chefs provide the ideas, passion and inspiration to create truly stunning and unique menus for your wedding breakfast.

Whether you would like to offer a traditional menu, a classic concoction, or a globally inspired dish, the choice remains with you. Our chefs can tailor a personal menu to suit the occasion along with your budget.

Quality cuisine with Hutton Hall partners

Limeberry Catering
T: 01245 351114
E: enquiries@limeberrycatering.co.uk
W: www.limeberrycatering.co.uk

Milsom Catering – Keighley Robson
T: 01206 321105
E: keighley@milsomhotels.com
W: www.milsomhotels.com

Premier Crew – Naomi Pitt-Roche
T: 01371 875892 / 07850 278705
E: naomi@premcrew.co.uk
W: www.premcrew.co.uk


T: 01322 221159
E: food@relish.co.uk
W: www.relish.co.uk