Perhaps the most beautiful wedding gardens in Essex

Lush green hedges and trees

To the left and behind Hutton Hall the gardens unfold with apple trees and roses adding colour to the lush green hedges and trees. There are infinite locations for photography with excellent backdrops all year round. The gardens will lead you along the path and past the font and in the summer months our dedicated marquee will be located on the lawn.

The gardens are completed by a natural pond on the right hand side of the entrance with a partial moat leading you to the back of the gardens and private access to All Saints Church.

House and Gardens 23
Fantastic wedding destination

There are huge varieties of flowers, trees and shrubs within the grounds and all are kept in spectacular condition in preparation of hosting the best weddings in Essex.

We’re convinced that Hutton Hall is one of the best, if not the best, gardens and venues for weddings and that the gardens along with Hutton Hall itself make a fantastic destination for couples, families and their guests and provides the very best backdrop to create a memorable and celebrated wedding day.

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